Autofire was founded on the 26th of November, 2016 when God gave the idea of “evangelizing through wheels” to David Asher D Daniel. David had a passion for cars from a very young age and always loved working with cars and also worked for an German automobile company. While he was working, God called him into the full time ministry and placed a burden in his heart to use his passion for cars as a tool to proclaim the gospel all over the world.

Autofire is the world’s first Automotive Evangelistic Tool (AET) that was launched on 19th march 2016. We at Autofire conduct different events for everyone who has (have) a passion for cars, bikes & adventure. We enable you to put your passion & talents to spread the love of Christ through Prayer, evangelizing, social work, street plays, concerts to build churches and expand the kingdom of God.


AutoFire thrives to extend the Kingdom of Jesus Christ here on earth through Motor Sports. To help people according to their needs, share the Christian love to the to places that the love of God hasn’t reached and isolated parts of the city through cars and bikes and prepare people for the rapture.

    Events about the imminence of Rapture in youth

    MotorSports being used as a tool

    Winning souls for Jesus - Proverbs 11:30

    Spreading together in prayer to cover vast geographies- 1 Corinthians 3:9



Travelling to the main parts of your city in cars and praying for the welfare of the city. This event will be scheduled once in 4 months.
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Travelling to different cities and towns of the same state which involves praying, learning from the word of God and providing necessary resources to the needy regions to show forth Gods love. This is a one day event that will happen three times in a year.
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An event for your whole family, church or youths. You can enjoy your vacation and spread Gods love as well!! A minimum of 2 days event that involves travelling by car to a different state to pray, evangelize, help other ministries & missionaries and ending the trip with an refreshing sight seeing and fun! Place of stay can be in and this event happens twice in a year.
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